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Welcome to Zamani Foundation

Zamani Foundation collects and publishes Folklore and Mythology from around the world to cultivate cultural agency and support Primary and Secondary school education. Zamani is especially interested in publishing original stories and artwork inspired by the rich folklore and mythology from diverse regions of the world where there is a thriving oral tradition.

Our website is designed to showcase the work of contributors and partipating young people in three areas

The Zamani program challenges young people to cultivate and share their deep cultural heritage through its Folklore Writing and Art Contest. The revenue from the sale of the anthology is used to purchase textbooks, encyclopedias, atlases, culturally enriching literature, and other educational resources locally for the libraries of the participating schools.

While traditional aid and assistance can be invaluable in moments of crisis, it is rarely designed for long-term sustainability. In some cases, it can even create a culture of dependence that undermines the recipient's human integrity and compromises their ability to develop their strengths. Moreover, while traditional crisis aid serves best where conflict and disease threaten people's very survival, it does not attend to the cultural and intellectual development of the society's children.

Zamani responds to this need by focusing on children and encouraging them to strengthen the connection between their cultural heritage and the promise of education. Because the stories and artwork that is published and sold comes directly from the children and the communities that benefit from the revenue generated, each community has true ownership of the education resources they enjoy, while also sharing the wealth of their culture in their own voice.

Operating on the principle that "it takes a village to raise a child," Zamani Foundation brings together a dedicated, energetic team of artists, scholars, and entrepreneurs. The members of Zamani Foundation who contribute their time and expertise as volunteers include teachers, physicians, musicians, and lawyers.

We are especially dedicated to cultivating artistic and literary creativity to improve the opportunities for education in developing countries. We draw on one of the greatest and oldest treasures many cultures possess to make realizing this vision sustainable. We truly believe that together the greatest instruments we can provide for the future come through education.