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Once upon a Time...

The rusty orange collar was trimmed with iridescent blue and green feathers, and the black wings tinged with red and burgundy accents. The effect of these colors was set off by a deep pink head-dress that began at the forehead and rose to a peak just over the crown. The master touch, however, was the flowing train of black tail feathers—also accented with blue and green iridescence—that arched up into the air and then flowed down behind, creating a wonderfully fluid effect and presenting the hen in all her majesty. When the parrot, an incorrigible copycat, caught a glimpse of the gown during one of Gweno’s fittings, he had to have the same thing. But the needle, as it was well known, only created distinctive pieces that were impossible to imitate. So although the parrot got a bold palette, with yellows and greens and reds, his outfit had none of the breathless subtlety of the hen’s imposing gown.

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Folklore Contest Announcement

From time immemorial, people have told their stories, sung songs and painted pictures that grow out of their traditions and shape their vision of the world. Today, important questions are asked about the significance of such traditions and whether they have a place in the modern global village.

  • Does traditional folklore still have any meaning today?
  • Is it merely a relic of bygone time?
  • Does it have any value beyond just casual children's entertainment?

These questions are at the heart of Zamani's first Folklore Contest for Primary and Secondary School. We seek original works based on folklore and mythology, created by young people in Primary and Secondary school.

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